Dunna bases its work on research and production of new scientific knowledge. All our protocols and methodologies have been scientifically proven by experts with the highest quality standards. We are pioneers in the production of knowledge of this field in Colombia.


This project is performed thanks to the support of the Bolivar Davivienda Foundation and the Agencia Colombiana para la Reintegración.

An intervention and measurement was performed with 250 demobilized soldiers diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) from Bogota and Medellin. Participants received an intervention based on the Satyananda Yoga methodology for 4 months. Sessions consisted of diverse Yoga practices to manage and understand their symptoms and recover functionality.

The study results were published in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy – No. 25 (2015) .

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Study about the effects of Yoga in School Coexistence / Colegio la Giralda-Bogota (2012)

This intervention was performed thanks to the support of Ramo Products, Pavimentos Colombia S.A.S and la Universidad de los Andes (CIFE).
The objective was to scientifically prove an alternative intervention model with Yoga to reduce school aggression and prevent bullying with boys, girls and teenagers from environments with high levels of violence and poverty.

The intervention evaluated by la Universidad de Los Andes (CIFE) consisted in the performance of extracurricular classes of Satyananda Yoga®, imparted by external expert teachers. Students from social classes 1 and 2 participated in and obtained benefits from the intervention, achieving the developments of skills to peacefully resolve conflicts, improve their anxiety levels and depression in the case of bullying victims, as well as improve their academic performance. To corroborate in a clear way the positive influence of the methodology in an academic climate, coexistence and the children’s mental health encourages us to continue joining efforts for the wellbeing of the most vulnerable boys, girls and teenagers.

The study results have been published in the Educational Research and Evaluation: An International Journal on Theory and Practice Volume 21, Issue 5-6, 2015.

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Study about the effects of Yoga for the management of emotional suffering in victim population of the armed conflict (2013).

This project is performed thanks to the support of the Bolivar Davivienda Foundation and the Unidad para la Atencion y Reparacion integral a las victimas.

The program has been carried out for 2 consecutive years (2013 and 2014) serving 400 victims of the armed conflict in 9 municipalities recognized through justice and peace laws (Barranquilla, Mampuján, Sabanagrande, San Juan Nepomuceno, Soledad, Aracataca, Fundación, Reten y Zona Bananera). The intervention seeks to reduce the emotional suffering of the participants and contribute to the social tissue reconstruction in communities affected by violence.

A study was performed in charge of Universidad de los Andes (Faculty of Psychology) with the objective to measure intervention impacts. The study results are statistically significant and we will soon publish the results of the research.

Dancing for Peace / Pilot study (2010)

Project carried out thanks to Quiñones Cruz Law Firm
The purpose of the pilot project was to scientifically measure the effects of dance and movement psychotherapy to manage depression and anxiety in teenagers of vulnerable populations in the country.
For this, we conducted a pilot project with 70 teenagers from social strata 0, 1 and 2 in Cartagena de Indias. The intervention lasted 3 months. Psychotherapy dance and movement sessions consisted of various exercises for the use of psychotherapeutic movement as a creative process that promotes emotional, cognitive, social, and physical integration of the individual. There was a verifiable 45% improvement of depression and anxiety symptoms

  • The promotion of health and quality of life is the main purpose of Yoga - Sw Satyananda
  • This is a time for the rebirth of the ancient science of Yoga - Sw Satyananda
  • Individual peace is the beginning of the path towards global peace - Sw. Sivananda
  • In the deepest sense, movement is the flow of energy that belongs to all livingness - Mary Starks.