The programs are oriented to cultivate body related self-awareness, encourage free expression through movement and facilitate comprehensive transformation processes. This approach seeks to give attention to the corporeal level as a main aspect of the human experience in order to empower the main existing resources within individuals and communities and therefore achieve peace at and individual and collective level. Spaces to recover cultural and identity expressions that have been affected by the armed conflict are encouraged.

Certification Course in Body, Dancing and Movement for victim and/or vulnerable population (2013-2014)

This project is carried out thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Unidad para la Atención y Reparación Integral a las Víctimas.

Based on the experiences acquired and the results of the training done in 2011 and 2012 a more extensive and deeper training was designed, (comma) where not only municipal school teachers were included but also part of the population that had been directly affected by the armed conflict. This training is guided towards encouraging the inclusion of coexistence and social fabric reconstruction schemes within their work processes as community leaders. The work starts (begins) by transforming suffering and empowering self-resources and resilience in individuals and communities.

The 2013 training was done in 5 municipalities: Libertad (Sucre), San Jacinto (Bolivar), Sitio Nuevo (Magdalena), La India (Santander) and Tierralta (Cordoba). We are starting the 2014 process in Apartado, Arauca, Popayan, Valle del Guamuez and Buga.

Training in Dance and movement Psychotherapy as a tool for reconciliation

This project was done thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture.

The training in tools that involve dance and movement psychotherapy was carried out in 7 vulnerable municipalities of the country with the purpose of enabling violence prevention processes as well as individual and collective reparation processes.

The tools offered were meant to instruct teachers in the creation of safe and inclusive teaching environments (without prejudice, with respect and positive inclusion), encouraging their students to develop self-awareness, a better self-esteem, and a more balanced and healthy relationship with their own bodies as well as the bodies of others. Concepts related to trauma, violence and their relationship with body and movement were introduced, as well as tools to explore and express the inner world of each student.

The places where this training took place where: Sincelejo, Palenque, Carmen de Bolivar, Corinto, Orocue, Tierralta and Florencia

Dancing for Peace / Pilot study (2010)

Project carried out thanks to Quiñones Cruz Law Firm

The purpose of the pilot project was to scientifically measure the effects of dance and movement psychotherapy to manage depression and anxiety in teenagers of vulnerable populations in the country.

For this, we conducted a pilot project with 70 teenagers from social strata 0, 1 and 2 in Cartagena de Indias. The intervention lasted 3 months. Psychotherapy dance and movement sessions consisted of various exercises for the use of psychotherapeutic movement as a creative process that promotes emotional, cognitive, social, and physical integration of the individual. There was a verifiable 45% improvement of depression and anxiety symptoms.